My expertise as a videographer is short-form content. I’m known for filming the Behind the Scenes of projects, music videos, live performances, Youtube vlogs, interviews and news stories. 

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with brands such as Universal Music, Hopper, Magnopus and TV Band, which is one of Brazil’s biggest TV news networks.

One of the advantages of being multi-skilled is that it’s common for clients to hire me to film, edit and photograph the same project. It’s very rewarding being able to lead a project from beginning to end.

video editing

Always seeking my independence as a visual storyteller, I’ve developed skills as a video editor. On the left side you can see an example of a video I produced, filmed and edited. The goal of this video was to introduce the viewer to the technology behind holographic technology, popularly known as Augmented Reality.

You can also see a few different videos I’ve edited below. In some of these projects, I’ve taken multiple responsibilities in addition to editing. Feel free to ask me any questions directly!