Filming & Editing


I’m a very versatile videographer. I shoot YouTube videos, Behind the Scenes, music videos, live shows, sit down interviews, workshops, commercials… Whatever the client needs. If it’s a multi-camera set-up I use my production skills to put the right team together.

As a videographer I’ve worked with brands such as Universal Music Group, Hopper, Magnopus, Metastage, Lindsay Adler and TV Band, which is one of Brazil’s biggest TV news networks.

It’s common for clients to hire me to film and edit the same project. You can learn more about my video editing work below.

video editing

Always seeking my independence as a visual storyteller, I’ve developed skills as a video editor. On the left side you can see an example of a video I produced, filmed and edited. The goal of this video was to explain to the viewer how you can become a hologram through Augmented Reality.

You can also see a few different videos I’ve edited below. In some of these projects, I’ve taken multiple responsibilities in addition to editing. If you go to my YouTube website section, you can see videos I’ve edited for my own brand.