I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work on some fascinating projects both in the production and post-production team. 

I’ve worked as:

– Production Supevisor on Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2022 social media campaign;

– Production Manager for the Virtual Production Team on Amazon Prime’s HONDO;

– Producer on a short-film starring George Takei, which was screened with a traveling Star Trek exhibit;

– Producer on the 1st ever Augmented Reality music video, featured on Forbes;

– Post-producer of the Women’s Month campaign for Tik Tok;

– Post-producer of a HP commercial feat. actor Justin Baldoni.

I have also worked on multiple music videos for artists such as Cami, Laura Rizzotto and Ali Stone.

In addition to that, I have a background in journalism. I’ve produced hundreds of news stories in the U.S. for one of Brazil’s most-watched TV networks, TV Band. We covered events such as the General Assembly at the United Nations, the terrorist attack at the Pulse Club in Orlando, and even the 2016 US Presidential Elections. 

As a producer, I hope to lead and support my team while meeting our financial and creative goals.